Surf and Yoga Holidays

Some of Surfinn Surf Camps have combined packs of Surf & Yoga holidays.
This is without a doubt the healthiest way of balancing your body and mind during your holidays. For most people that have experienced for the first time to travel to a yoga retreat whilst in combination with surf, it was almost like a therapy that changed their daily habits. After one week of intensive sport, meditation and relaxation, you'll notice an amazing effect on you.

Yoga classes are held in our Surf Camps under a peaceful atmosphere in specially chosen retreats so that you can take the most of meditation and relaxation sessions. These retreats offer breathtaking views and wave sounds that will help you to instantly feel at peace and harmony with yourself and the natural environment. It is also unquestionable that Yoga classes also contribute to enhance your surfing skills and progression due to all the stretching and balance that requires.

Surf & Yoga is the ultimate surf holiday package for people who are on a soul surfing trip and search a wholesome way of living through a daily sessions of vitalizing yoga, serene surf, delicious healthy food and great company within a serene environment. Additionally you can always combine yoga and surf lessons with massage packages and, depending on the surf camp, there are culinary workshops, Spa treatments, etc. Just choose the destination and narrow down your search. If you have doubts do not hesitate to contact our team to find the best Yoga and surf retreat for your holidays in top destinations such as Morocco or the Maldives.