Reef Break

The waves need to break in shallow water, to be ridable. Before going out there and start catching the first waves it's important to tell the difference between the three main breaks. Beach breaks is the best type of wave to start surfing on, Point breaks and reef breaks are perhaps the most dangerous if a surfer wipes out badly, but they can be the most rewarding in their perfection.

Reef Breaks

These waves form where the undersea bottom has a slab of rock, coral reef, or other solid formation. These type of waves are very powerful and occur in deep water. Mavericks, the big wave site in Northern California in Half Moon bay is one of the most famous. Reef breaks often have the tendency to break in a bowl or crescent shape so that it may start to break over a rock at the middle and then wrap around and break at the edges later. Usually the biggest waves are made by reef breaks, but unfortunately they are also the most dangerous. Recently some artificial surfing reefs have been constructed. They are obviously a bit safer.

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