Surf Holidays in Portugal

Portugal mainland and its islands of Madeira and Azores offer some of the best surf spots in Europe. That’s why it atracts so many surfers and world-class championships as the Rip Curl Pro Portugal.
It is even considered the best surfing destination in Europe due to its great consistency throughout all year round and the wide variety of breaks, ideal for all levels of surfing.
Come and see for yourself this unique place – Europe’s West Coast. Just a few hours away from any location in Europe you’ll find a wide range of amazing landscapes to explore. From unpopulated open sandy beaches leading up to sudden cliffs to picturesque old villages.
Portugal has a very mild Mediterranean climate and great swell the entire year, so there is no need to wait for summer to come and visit us and enjoy the best surf and outdoor activities all year round!

All Surfinn Surf Camps are situated in the best locations along the Portuguese coast to ensure that you have the best waves at your door. Reserve our Surf Trip pack and you'll get them all at once!
Most surfcamps are located in ecologically protected areas or historical centres of coastal towns, encouraging the conservation of nature and enhancing sustainable developement of local villages and preservation of local identity and traditions.