Responsible Surf Tourism

We are all responsible for preserving nature and surfing conditions. That alone means that we should leave the beach as we've found, but being responsible means a lot more than that. It's also about the respecting the local economy and social issues.

Always remember that, some of the surf destinations we choose to travel to, like for example the Maldives, Indonesia or Sri Lanka, have completely different cultures, possibly different religion and life expectations.

For instance, you should not only respect local surfers while surfing but also respect local traditions and contribute to sustainable development of local economy. Waves are an endless resource but don't forget that others aren't. Using places and natural resources has its cost and environmental impacts that sometimes can result in severe consequences.

Some very simple actions can be devastating, like walking around in the dunes, unleashed dogs, dumping, fishing... and the list goes on and on!
It's absolutely heartbreaking to see all the infractions committed by some disrespecting surf travelers. Let's not be part of it and be a conscious traveler.

We all know what to do! In case of any doubt, ask our instructors or local people about all the restrictions and how can you help to make it a better place.

Although, sometimes in remote places we notice that are even the locals that act in harmful ways to the environment. As an instructed person you have the duty to warn and teach them. For sure you'll be recognized and admired for it! It's a hard and utopic task but if we all do something small, it turns out big.