Flying to Madagascar

Because there isn't much competition, flying to Madagascar is the most expensive part of the trip. Everything else is damn cheap!
You should really consider booking your trip well in advance and be a little flexible with your dates if you want to find a cheap airfare. Before purchasing any flight, you should also compare your travel agent's fares with the Air Madagascar website before booking because rates can change considerably. Normal price is €800 to €1500 for a return ticket from Europe (where there are more options), and at least €1500 from North America or Australia.
Many flight companies have regular flights to Antananarivo (Tana) but if you’re planning to take some domestic flights once in the country, you should fly with Air Madagascar. They have the monopoly in air transportation within the country and charges tourists double on all domestic flight tickets (unless you flew into the country on that airline).
These are some of the companies flying to Madagascar:
Air Madagascar
Air France
Air Austral
Air Mauritius
Kenya Airways
South African Airways
Turkish Airlines
A few tips:
If you're coming from Australia or New Zealand, the best option would be to get a low cost flight to Bangkok and then a connecting flight with Air Madagascar to Antanarivo (Tana). After that, another flight down to Tulear with Air Madagascar. Remember that you get around 40% discount on the domestic flights if you came on the international flight with Air Madagascar.
Another roptions is to fly to either Mauritius or Reunion islands then fly to Tana with Air Mauritius, Air Madagascar, or Air Austral. It’s just a matter of comparing all options and using a calculator.
Air Mauritius has very competitive fares from Sydney and Perth to Antananarivo with a stop-over in Mauritius on the way and direct connections on the return leg.
If you're coming from Europe, the best option would be to start your journey in Paris, Marseille, Milan or Instambul and take one of the numerous companies that fly to Tana including Air Madagascar, Air France, and Corsair.
If you're coming from the United States either go to Paris, Johannesburg or Bangkok and then over to Tana and down to Tulear. Always keep in mind the Air Madagascar factor
If you're coming from South Africa you can get a direct flight to Tana right from Johannesburg with Air Madagascar, South African Airways or Interair!
For more info about Air Madagascar luggage policy, please check the following link: