Best Surf Holidays for Children

There's one thing we are absolutely sure: every kid loves to surf! Surprise your children and book them a surf camp.
Some of Surfinn Surf Camps combine a series of facilities and extra activities so that we can offer much more besides only surfing to the entire family, making sure that everybody gets the best experience possible at Surfinn. This way you'll never get bored while your kid is surfing.
Although, there is a minimum age of 6 years old recommended for start learning. From the age of 6 to 8 years old we ask parents to get in the water with them for improving youngsters' self-confidence and to experience the thrill of riding their waves for the first time.
Beyond 9 years old it's when they really get excited to surf in waist deep water, always with careful supervision of our surf instructors. At this age, children learn surfing amazingly fast and after this stage parents realize that their children will make them return every year.
There are some differences for children surf lessons to guarantee maximum safety and the best tuition. So, normally we run shorter lessons to maintain their attention without getting them too tired and cold. Classes are composed by smaller groups held in particular controlled conditions. All our surf instructors are credited coaches by local Surf Federations and experienced licensed lifeguards.

We require all of our students to have a basic swimming ability. We reserve the right to refuse booking of any child who we believe to be a non swimmer or not confident in the water.
Lifejackets are not necessary because all surf lessons for children are conducted in under waist deep water. Children are also provided with a wetsuit and surfboard (both of which act as flotation aids).
Parents or tutors MUST remain in the beach at all times during your child's surf lesson. We ask that you are available 10 minutes before the end of the lesson to help your child change their wetsuits.
By the way, it's never too late to start surfing. Let your kids convince you and you'll get an unforgettable experience.