Best Surf Spots in Sri Lanka

Where to surf in Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka was one of the least explored surf destinations in the world but this has been changing quite fast as the international community flocks over, yet it's still possible to find many uncrowded surf spots very close to your surf camp.

If you’re looking to avoid surfing with the crowds then we’ll recommend to surf early during the weekdays in any of the south coastlines of Sri Lanka. The country is very popular for being a great surf destination for beginner and intermediate surfers that often travel to Sri Lanka due to its sand-bottomed surf spots such as Weligama and Hikkaduwa. But don’t get fooled here, the west reefs at Midigama’s ‘Lazy Left’, Rams Right and Mirissa’s reef are no beginners joint with punchy and heavy waves.

Below Surfinn Surf Camps list a few of Sri Lanka’s top surf spots and its features. For places to stay around the area and the best guiding then visit our Sri Lanka’s Surf Camps and Surf Houses pages.

Sri Lanka’s South East Coast – Best during the summer season from April to October

Arugam Bay (The Main point)

Arugam Bay is one of Sri Lanka’s East Coast most popular surf spots. 320 km East of Colombo, this is a must visit destination known for its great surf.

This area has also one of the largest expat communities in the country mainly Aussies and Europeans that come on surf holidays to Sri Lanka and eventually stay living here. There are many quality surf breaks in Arugam Bay. The most popular one is probably the “Main Point” located on the south of the bay. This is a right hand point break, with its waves powered by a reef bottom. Offshore winds combined with the 1-2 meter high waves can produce some barrels and sections. Arugam Bay holds every now and then some ASP surf contests and events.

Crocodile Rock (Or Elephant point)

Consistent right hander point break for all surf levels. It holds waves up to 1.5 meters and works on all tides. It usually gets crowded during the weekends but you’ll be very pleased surfing among only a few during weekdays. It’s ideal for a beginner and intermediate levels on short or long boards. This surf spot is more sheltered than its neighbours, hence might be a great choice on bigger surf days.

It’s a fun wave with a sandy bottom. Its danger free so no localism or…crocodiles. You’ll need to walk over 20 minutes, including crossing 2 river mouths. This is a beautiful place and very remote with wildlife close by such as Elephants, lizards, and up the lagoon sometimes a crocodile or two but surfing doesn't attract these "big boys".

Baby Point

This is a beginner’s surf spot offering right hand waves with a shallow sandy bottom.

Pottuvil Point

Well known surf spot with long rights ideal for manoeuvres, yet the most experienced can still get barrelled. Recommend for more experienced surfers. It is one of the best right hand waves in Sri Lanka and when it works well you can get an 800 metre ride with several sections. With solid swells you can get heavy take offs and hollow barrels, but often ends up by a mellow ride into the bay. Holds swell up to 2 meters.


For more experienced surfers. This is off the beaten track over 40 minute drive by tuk-tuk from Arugam Bay. It can hold up to 1.5 meters high with a sandy and rocky bottom.

Peanut farm

Clean rights never too difficult, hence good for beginners and intermediate surfers. Sandy bottom that can reach up to 1.5 meters high.


One of the few remote surf spots around for advanced surfers often with 2 meter barrels. The break has both reef and sandy a bottom. 1 hour away from Arugam Bay.

Sri Lanka’s Southwest Coast - Best conditions during the winter from November to March


Weligama means “The sandy village” and so it comes with no surprise that this is a 2 km sandy beach break and is one of the best surf spots to learn to surf in Sri Lanka. Weligama is a sheltered bay with a sandy bottom offering long and mellow waves. This is one of the fastest developing areas in South Sri Lanka with plenty of surf schools and camps scattered along the coast so the surf culture is quite popular these days. There are no rocks or strong currents making it an ideal surf spot to learn how to surf.


Weligama is close to Hikkaduwa, another popular surf spot, ideal for beginners on their first surf trips. The waves are perfect for longboarders with long rides. Hikkaduwa can be considered Sri Lanka’s Mecca of surfing with 10 to 15 surf spots, offering almost every type of surf breaks, rights and lefts for different surfing levels – everyone will find a great spot that is perfect for their skills. This area has some crowds and with it comes sometimes localism so pay attention to the rules when surfing and you’ll be respected. There are plenty of bars and restaurants along the main road where you can enjoy the sunset and nightlife.


By Tuk Tuk it will take you up to 5 minutes to reach Mirissa from Weligama Bay. Mirissa is known for its urchins so be careful or just bring some boots. Mirissa has some great waves making it a little over crowded sometimes


Reef break that can hold high swells offering some fun waves for intermediate surfers. When with solid swells then you better be well experienced. Works at all tides. Rights are usually best but depending on the swell direction you’ll also have proper lefts. Beginners please stay away.


Next to plantations, on the other side of the beach, you’ll find a surf spot known by “Coconuts”. Similar to Plantations, this is a fast and sometimes hollow wave but here you’ll get more challenging lefts closing out on a dry reef. This surf spot is not beginners friendly at all, and honestly not many surfers come to surf here. Those who know about it avoid it because of the nasty reef, and most won’t know about it since it’s not visible from the main road. Tip: paddle out from plantations to the peak at Coconuts.


Also not a beginners surf spot, well known for producing some short, shallow, hollow right waves. Barrels on solid offshore days. Advanced only as its shallow and a fast wave.

Midigama’s ‘Lazy Left’

Peeling long left. With very easy sections and also easy to paddle out, unless the swell is solid with side or onshore winds. This wave gets better with higher swells and is ideal for intermediate surfers and a first time reef experience in Sri Lanka.


Right hander that is good for beginners and intermediaries capable of producing a good punchy right on solid swells. If you’re experienced then speed up and you can also have some fun and show some swag on its lips. Works on all tides over a sandy bottom.

Unawatuna Bay

Bay producing some waves to the right that are known for being quite short. This surf spot is close to the city of Galle and it's not usually a crowded place being mostly surfed by a few locals. It’s an easy ride working best on solid swells. Its bottom is made of sand and rock.