Best surf spots in Madeira

Almost all surf spots on Madeira are powerful reef breaks and point breaks.
Although a few accessible beach breaks can be found like Porto da Cruz and Faja da Areia. These are actually some of the few spots recommended for beginners and intermediates.
Most of the visiting surfers come to Madeira looking to surf its most popular wave: Jardim do Mar named the best big-wave point-break in the world by Surfer Magazine. No doubt an incredible wave but Madeira has much more to offer. You don’t need to be a pro surfer to visit the Island. Just take a look at Porto da Cruz and you’ll see…
Unlike the Canary Islands, there are not many local surfers so when good swell hits the island and lots of breaks are firing, it can be hard to find someone to surf with on weekdays.

Porto da Cruz

The classical beach break ideal for all surf levels. Just at your doorstep!
Porto da Cruz just 1 min distance!


A tiny bay with a small beach just a minute walk from the surf camp & surf school, great for kids to have surf lessons and learn how to surf as it is protected from big swells when other spots are closing out.
Porto da Cruz just 1 min distance!


This break needs a large swell to work and is tide sensitive, but it's the local’s best.
Porto da Cruz just 5 min distance!


This is the largest and has the widest swell window in Porto da Cruz. It is considered the prettiest beach in Madeira.
Porto da Cruz just 5 min distance!

Jardim do Mar

The most famous wave in Madeira that all surf travelers come search for it. Once named the best big-wave point-break in the world by Surfer Magazine. Although, since the new seawall was built, a few damages occurred to this wave.
Yet, it is still a world class wave on its best days producing into long, fast, powerful walls, but they are much less frequent and only last for a few hours around dead low tide. Only advisable to expert surfers. Be careful when getting out of the water due to seawall backwash.
Jardim do Mar just 1 min distance!

Madalena do Mar

Really nice wave breaking only in big swells from W.
It’s a mellow and slow wave with plenty of depth making it a fun and easy spot for intermediates. Right on the south shore main road - you can't miss it.
Jardim do Mar just 15 min distance!

Ribeira Brava

Only doable on high tide. Low tide is dangerously shallow. So, be there about an hour or so before or after high tide.
Take-off zone is very close to a large rock. Very steep drops and fast, hollow sections and occasional tubes!
It is still an excellent spot, but the construction of a seawall has severely compromised its quality. Now there is a strong backwash when the tide is up.
Jardim do Mar just 20 min distance!