Best surf spots in South Africa

South Africa has always been a world famous surf destination. Well…at least since the movie “Endless Summer”. It has many popular spots but there’s one that stands out: Jeffrey’s Bay!
This spot has some of the most powerful and right hand waves in the planet! This is why it hosts the yearly WCT competition Billabong Pro and brings thousands of surfers to test their skills on the famous Supertubes!
Although South Africa is not only about J-Bay! It has a big range of surf spots along its coast for different surf levels what makes it a perfect surfing destination for all kinds of surfers.
J-Bay is in key positions, with astonishing view over the points and the least possible time guaranteed to get there! Actually you can even get down the stairs and start paddling to the peak!


J-bay is probably Africa’s most famous surf spot. In fact it has all the favorable natural conditions for perfect waves and an active local surfing population.
J-Bay is well know for its long right hand waves made up of seven different sections, the three really good parts of this world class right are Boneyards, Supertubes and Tubes. When it's really big the different sections connect and offer really long rides!
As expected, these three sections can be really crowded sometimes. Anyway, it worth trying.


Right next to supertubes, the name says it all! Rather it’s impossible or the barrel of a lifetime.
This right hand wave is only for experienced surfers you are not afraid of hollow sections, sharp rocks and occasional sharks…
Best conditions with South swell and North wind.

Cape St. Francis (or Bruce's Beauties)

It's a fast and hollow wave that only shows up in the right conditions. Only works after the right weather systems passed through, normally a big East swell. So, if it is pumpin’ go for it! Cause tomorrow it might be gone. Not as crowded as J Bay.
It can be pretty dangerous during high swell if you fall in front of the rocks.
These perfect rights of Cape St. Francis became known after the film Endless Summer. Some say that the wave doesn’t reach that perfection after building a new Port up the point but the wave is still a classic barreling right-hander.


This tropical beach is a spot that offers you a big variety of waves. It can be a spot for total beginners but also a world class reef break.
Important WQS competitions are held here every year.

Elands Bay

This is just as J Bay in reverse… ‘E Bay' perfection is a westerly swell, a southeasterly wind and the big, left point break cranking. This may easily be found during summer time. E Bay is considered the entrance to the Wild West Coast where frigid ocean meets semi-desert flower wonderland. 

Outer Kom

Perfect conditions happen when a big westerly swell hit this left-hand point with a soft east wind blowing.
This is a spot for experienced only! Massive peaks break on an outer reef, before rolling onto the inside. Don’t let yourself get caught on the inside… it can set you back 15 minutes as you get pummeled in the impact zone.

Stil Bay

This spot is a very constant right-hand point break in front of the village. Just like many other bays in South Cape, it meets its perfect conditions on south to southeast swell.

Victoria Bay

This popular right point break works most of the year, due to the shape of the bay, and is suitable for all levels of surfer.
It’s a very narrow, steep-sided bay strongly defended by local surfers.


Also known as surfer’s Corner, this is considered long boarders' Paradise! During summer we recommend to get there early, before the crowds and the pumping south-easter ruins things. Perfect conditions during north-westerly in winter swells.  Although it can be surfed all year round with a long board.


This is the true South African hard core where most of big riders end up surfing!
Winter swells bring to shore 15-30 foot waves breaking over a shallow reef on the sea-side of Hout Bay and is accessible only by water craft. For the brave only (the new game in town is to body surf the monster).