Best surf spots in Morocco

Morocco has some of the best surf spots to offer in the world. Taghazout area is especially well known for its perfect right-hands that have been attracting surfers from worldwide since the 60’s.
The swell season starts in October till April. During summer the most consistent area is between Safi and north Rabat. September and October are normally great all along the coast when the first winter swells arrive and usually no wind.
Due to a big range of surf breaks it’s a perfect surfing destination for all levels of surfers.
Our surf camps are in key positions, with astonishing view over the points and the least possible time guaranteed to get there! Sometimes you can even get down the stairs and start paddling to the peak!

Anchor Point

This is probably the most famous Moroccan surf spot due to its clean lines and consistency on all tides. It starts working at about 3ft and holds up to 15ft. This surf break is a mix of sand and reef bottom with 3 different sections where you can go for cover ups and turns at the first two sections and the last one just gets quite hollow and fast. It can be a long wave of about 300m to 500m. It’s definitely a “To Do” wave at Surfinn Surf Camps!

Banana Beach

Banana Point is located near the Village of Aourir, also called Banana village due to the many banana plantations that are grown in the river bed facing the spot.
It's a long right hander point break with no current ideal for all levels!
Sometimes you might get surprised with its quality and length.


A shipwreck gave the name to this break, where you can see the boiler of a boat at the start of the wave. This is probably the trickiest and spectacular break around, often visited by pro photographers for the intensity of pictures taken!
Recommended for experienced surfers due to its very strong and fast right hander that ends up onto a strong shallow reef. The wave can have tubular sections if it's more than 6 ft and it can reach up to 400m long, but better be fast if you want to connect all the sections there.
Don't venture if you are not sure about what you are doing or if you’re not with a local Surf’inn guide to tell you where the sea urchins are or where to get in the water. Still, get ready to hurry across the reef on your way out before the next set hits.
After all said, it’s well worth it and one of the most exciting waves in Taghazout area!!

Desert Point

Unlike most of the other breaks, this one is well known for its inconsistency and strong currents. Therefore, it’s normally empty! Though, it is famous for endless right hander and off shore winds that can really produce a perfect wave! Just like the majority of the other points in the area, it's a point break that breaks at low tide and starts working at 4 ft and holds up to 500m long. If you want to ride it just ask our instructors the time to do it. We know when it’s working!

Devil's Rock

Right next to Banana Point break, this spot can be a crowded because of its consistency and proximity to the village. Although there’s plenty of room to spread out or just avoid rush hours and you can get some fun surf sessions.… It’s a perfect break for all levels, and one of the favourites for surf teaching, since it offers a big diversity of waves from rights on low tide, left and right on high tide. It holds up perfectly till 1,5m.
This wave is a beach break, but under the sand, there are rocks occasionally according to the swell season.


Sharp vertical rocks like vampire teeth give its name to this point break, one of the most demanding for advanced surfers. Prepare yourself for a tricky paddle out and in.
With a northerly big swell, Dracula’s can be one of the most perfect point breaks in Taghazout area and the entire Moroccan coastline with long rides and several barrel sections. Definitely “a must” for experienced or kamikaze surfers! You’ll understand why it is called Boilers’ evil twin!

Essaouira Beach

Great if you are just starting out on your surfing journey or an intermediate surfer. The beach has a soft sand bottom is best at high tide with light north wind. The entire bay is protected by the Isle de Mogador and spans a full 180 degrees. Where you surf depends on the swell size. When it is big you surf nearer to the port and when it is small you go to the other end of the beach near the lighthouse.

Hash Point

This is a well know spot just because it is located right in the middle of the village of Taghazout. Hash Point got its name over people being lazy from smoking too much so that wouldn’t be bothered to walk up to Anchor Point.
What was once a perfect point break, now its bottom got covered with sand and became a fast right-hander working well with a medium to large swell when the sand lines up well off the rocks. Though it's still fun and easy for beginners which makes it a favourite spot for schools to hit the lineup.
The fact is that because it is in the center of Taghazout means that it is so easy to reach and that you will always find yourself having a relaxed session on it.

Killers Point

One of Morocco’s best point break and considered the most consistent of all the point breaks in Taghazout area. This 300m long wave has a lot to offer from speed sections, bowl sections and barrels. During low tide on small swells, the waves start at the north end of the cliff and it provides a short left and a sectioning right. When the swell picks up, vertical walls provide barrels and very hollow sections.
It can be a long paddle if the tide is not low enough to walk along the cliff to get to the first sections.

La Source

This is an accessible and funny wave to ride for all surfers, especially on rising and falling tides. Small reef sections combining with sandy sections provide a clean wave of about 50m to 150m. Its name comes from fresh water springs bubbling up from onshore rock formations. This point is right in front of La Source Surf Camp & Surf School. Put up your wetsuit and paddle to the line up right from the backyard!


This is one of other world class right hander just 100m north of Anchor Point, on the next beach stretch. The take off zone is on a reef break and is fairly more accessible than some other points in the area. On its good days, it can reach about 250m long with barrels but it cannot handle a very large swell - it closes out over 2m.
Mysteries can get hollow and fast though as well, suitable for intermediates and advanced surfers. One of the most fun and rippable waves in the area!


Panoramas is a right hander, with a sand bottom that breaks on a big beach.
This makes it the perfect spot for beginners, but only during high tide.
When it's more than 5 ft, Panorama's can be a very fast and barreling when the swell and the winds take the right direction. Then it becomes a good break for intermediate to advanced surfers.
There’s always a good atmosphere on this beach as well because a lot of people chose this place to soak up some sun and surf the Moroccan waves in a friendly atmosphere.

Safi Beach

Our favourite place to surf in Essaouira. It’s located on the other side of town from the bay and there are two spots; the first is a left that breaks in front of the abandoned factory at the beginning of the beach. The second is the main beach with lefts and rights located further north. Safi Beach is tricky with sand and rock bottoms so be careful. Both spots are best from mid to high tide.

Sidi Kaouki

A long sandy beach provides ideal conditions for intermediate to advanced surfers, the spot offers fabulous long waves and is best when the wind is light and the tide is high.


Tamri Beach is the most consistent surf spot ever. When it's flat everywhere else, we make the drive north till Tamri. Even in summer time, it's where the local surfers from the Area of Taghazout and Agadir can still get some fun surf. If the sand banks are good, Tamri can be a pretty good beach break as well. But most of all, it works on different tides, depending on the sand banks and on the swell. Very reliable and appropriate to all levels.
Besides all that, it’s truly wonderful spot, an estuary home to camels and flamingos.

The Bay

This is the most popular spot of Imessouane. The sand banks make it perfect for beginners. The surf here is best at low tide, with a right handed break that starts at the harbour and ends at the hills for a 600 meters ride!
Our surf guides are local surfers with precise knowledge of the swell, tides, winds and bottoms ready to take you directly to the most appropriate spot for you.
This area has been one of the major surfing destinations for both experienced and beginner surfers from all around the world because of its well-known swell consistency and perfect waves discovered in the 60's by America GIs from the military base of Kenitra. The best surfing season in Morocco is during the Winter time, from September until April due to the bigger swells caused by the storms on the North Atlantic Ocean.

The Bunker

Great intermediate spot that can only be accessed by a 4 x 4.

The Cathedral

Starting on a beach break with several right and left peaks, and ends on a reef which provides a perfect break (left handed). Good at high tide or mid-high tide when the swell is less than 5/6 feet, and the point at low tide when the swell is over 5 feet.

The Cave / La Grotte

The Cave/La Grotte boasts the biggest waves in the area and is approximately 10 miles from Essaouira on the road to Sidi Kaouki. When everything else is closed and windy the waves will still be working well here. It is best accessed by 4wd, but you can also drive to the little village near the Cap Sim Lighthouse and walk.

The Kms

These spots were given their names in kms by the distance they are from Agadir.
Km11 is one of the few lefts on Taghazout area (good news for goofies!). On its good days, you’ll get a hollow take off with a little barrel section on a reef to end up with a fun section on the beach.
Km 12 is a reef break that breaks as an A-frame with a perfect left and right. It has an entire reef bottom, but deep enough and slow waves to be a good spot for intermediate surfers. Km 12 can hold a decent size swell and is more consistent than km 11. It's a good spot for starting to work on your first cuties on the left. The right hander really has more wall and is not as easy as the left.