Best Surf Spots in Canary islands

Basically there are no secrets in the Canary. These islands have been discovered by surfers since the 70’s. It is actually one of the most popular surf destinations in Europe. Due to a big range of surf breaks it’s a perfect surfing destination for all levels of surfers.
However, the two main surf zones couldn't be further apart: the North Coast is full of reef breaks that work well with big swells from North or West and S winds, offering several types of waves ranging in intensity from the challenging tubes of Lobos to the mellow walls of Derecha de los Alemanes. On the other hand way down the South Coast produces really good waves especially in summer SE-SW wind swells. But the north-western coast is a great option to run away from the most crowded breaks.

Punta Blanca

Aggressive wave only for experienced surfers. Reef break controlled by local body-boarders and tube experts. It’s a fast left wave breaking on shallow reef. Best conditions on NW/NE swell.
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La Izquierda

Famous left hand wave very popular among local surfers in Playa de Las Americas. It breaks on a lava platform and keeps on going for up to 100m, producing some barrelling sections along the way. You should expect a fast take-off in deep hollow start. Be careful with sharp rocks on the inside. After all said… it is not advisable for surf beginners!
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El Cartel

It can be very similar to La Izquierda. Although it handles bigger swell and longer waves.
On its good conditions around mid tide on NW swell you can expect some barreling sections.
Just like many of some waves around, it is not an easy wave for beginners, due to very shallow rocks scattered all around.
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El Conquistador

Easy and consistent wave right in front of the Hotel Conquistador suitable for beginners and intermediates.
It is a crowded wave but a good choice if you want to run away from local surfers' stress, since they prefer to surf other peeks around.
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La Fitenia

It’s a popular break that can produce different kinds of waves, from mellow to fast walls. Sometimes it gets highly crowded as it is the only wave breaking under certain conditions.
Normally the rights are better and best working conditions on S swell.
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Los Lobos

This is one of the best right-hand waves in all the Canary, reaching perfection in big N swell days with. Then you can expect long rides up to 400m if you’re able to pass through all the 3 tube sections on the way.
Always crowded because it is a low to medium consistency spot so that you may find a big dispute among locals when it is pumping. As you may know this break is located in an inhabited island right in front of Corralejo, accessible only by ferry or jetski.
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Playa de Cotillo

One of the few beach breaks around. This makes it a good beginner & intermediate spot. Although, it can be aggressive on big swell days producing some tube sections. Just like any beach break, you must be lucky to find a good combination of tides and sandbanks. North end offers some N-NE wind protection but it's often crowded.
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