Best Season to surf in Sri Lanka

It's possible to surf in Sri Lanka all year round?

Being an island, the main feature about Sri Lanka is the fact that it has two opposite coasts, which means that it receives swell from different directions all year round. In fact, each coast has its own surf season.  

Sri Lanka receives the same swell that hits Indonesia and the Maldives, yet the size of the waves tend to be a little smaller with clean solid waves up to 2 meters high. So when is the surf season in Sri Lanka?

Each coast has its own weather pattern throughout the year, making it possible to surf all year round. In terms of temperatures, being a tropical country means that temperatures are always very similar with averages between 27º C in January and 29º C in April.

Sri Lanka’s West Coast

From November till the end of March you can surf in the West coast. Surf spots like Weligama Bay or Hikkaduwa will be working during the European Winter season.

The monsoon hits Sri Lanka’s southwest side between May till July, hence the best season to surf Sri Lanka’s west coast is between January and April when it’s the so called “Beach season”.

While in Europe and North America it is freezing cold in Sri Lanka we’ll be having the warm equatorial sun, enjoying outside temperatures of up to 30°C and water temperatures close to 28°C so leave the wetsuits at home.

Sri Lanka’s East Coast

The East Coast of Sri Lanka will have the best surf conditions from April till the end of October. This is the time when everyone flocks to surf spots like Arugam Bay and Pottuvil Point. By the end of November until the end of February the East coast is affected by the northeast monsoon, hence the best surfing season happens in the East Coast between May and July which coincides with its Beach Season too.

What do we recommend?

So this means that you can pretty much travel to Sri Lanka all year round and then choose the coast accordingly. If time isn’t a problem and you want to get the best of Sri Lanka’s weather and surf conditions, then it’s often said that the best time to surf in Sri Lanka is between April and October when solid swells get up to 2.5 meters high with offshore wind conditions hit the East coast. This is why Arugam Bay gets so crowded sometimes.