Best Season to Surf in Brazil

Due to its big dimension and orientation, Brazil has to be analyzed in 3 different surfing areas: Northeast, East and South. The surfing season on these 3 areas can be very different but most of the entire country offers a very consistent swell all year round. A good thing about this country is that on flat days there’s always something exciting to do! A beautiful tropical country with warm weather all year round and unmatched landscapes and things to do…
The hottest part of Brazil is naturally the northeast, reaching more than 38°C (100°F) during the dry season between May and November. Along the Atlantic coast from Recife to Rio de Janeiro, average temperatures range from 23 to 27°C (73-81°F). South of Rio the seasons are more evident and a wider range of temperatures, with the annual average falling between 17 and 19°C (63-66°F).


Northerly swells from the stormy North Atlantic winter hit the entire Brazil's north facing beaches, reefs and points especially between September and March. Fernando de Noronha volcanic island is included on this region and provide some of the country's best surfing due to its lack of continental shelf. Most of Brazil's Northeaster surf spots are beach breaks or occasional reef breaks in very wild, remote and unpopulated areas. Unfortunately after a series of shark attacks surfing was banned on a 37 mile/60km stretch of coastline around Recife and sharks do remain a hazard along this whole stretch of coast.
The summer months receive winds well produced by the east/south-east trade winds. Water temperatures remain a warm 25 to 27ºC or 77 to 81ºF year-round.


East region is a very long stretch of coast from Rio de Janeiro state down south till Sao Paulo state. It has the biggest concentration of surfers.
During winter Easterly winds bring consistent swells along with predominant onshore winds and the waves hardly get over 6ft/2m. The rest of the year can be slightly less consistent and slightly smaller.
Water temperatures remain a warm 25 to 27ºC or 77 to 81ºF all year-round.


The southern region of Brazil provides the country's most consistent conditions and also its most popular breaks. This is also a very long stretch of coast from Sao Paulo state down till Brazil’s border with Uruguay. Unlike East and Northeast, this area is very much exposed to south swells which pump up from Antarctica during the peak April to October season. It is quite common to find offshore conditions in the morning. Don’t waste yourself in the tempting night life!
Despite its latitude water temperatures still remain a warm 25 to 27ºC or 77 to 81ºF year-round.


Apart from the 3 main regions, there is a world phenomenon called Pororoca that only occurs in Brazil!! This is a river wave that can only be surfed once a year. It starts 13 kilometers inland upstream on the Amazon River running downstream till rivermouth. This is a natural phenomenon caused by the moon and the tides that can only be ridden from time to time. The brown piranha-infested water might scare a bit, but the ride is an eternal life experience. The longest time captured on tape riding the wave is by Brazilian surfer Picuruta: 43 minutes.