Best Season to Surf in Spain

Just like any European surf destination, Spain offers a great swell consistency all year round. So, the main concern should not be "when to go" but "where to go". Being at the right time on the right spot is something that only years of local experience can tell... and Surfinn instructors know it better than anyone! Although, we can consider that the season with more swell consistency and power starts on September and lasts till April. This is the recommended period for experienced surfers!
Mundaka Pro always takes place during October to get the first big swells of the season and steady sandbanks.
Beginners can come during all year round, there will be always a challenging wave anywhere.
The Northern coast of Spain is quite different than the Mediterranean. This way you shouldn't get any big crowds or big price shifting in high season.
Water temperatures drop from 19ºC in summer to 15ºC in winter but a 2/3 should be fine for the entire year.