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Surfinn Carrapateira Resort & Surf School is one Portugal's most popular eco-villages right in the center of Algarve surfing area.


The surf camp is located on a remote village that became known after being totally refurbished. The resort is composed by several guest houses, restaurant and grocery, among other facilities offering a unique surf experience, relaxation atmosphere and plenty of outdoor activities.

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Accommodation & Lessons
Accommodation Low Season Medium Season High Season
1 Person
One Week 810.00 € 985.00 € 1160.00 €
One Night 135.00 € 160.00 € 185.00 €
2 Persons
One Week 495.00 € 585.00 € 670.00 €
One Night 90.00 € 102.50 € 115.00 €
3 Persons
One Week 405.00 € 460.00 € 565.00 €
One Night 77.00 € 85.00 € 100.00 €
4 Persons
One Week 347.00 € 390.00 € 469.00 €
One Night 69.00 € 75.00 € 86.50 €
5 Persons
One Week 335.00 € 376.00 € 439.00 €
One Night 67.00 € 73.00 € 82.00 €
6 Persons
One Week 310.00 € 345.00 € 397.00 €
One Night 63.50 € 68.50 € 76.00 €
- prices per person
- week pack = 7 nights
- Low season: November, December, January, February
- Medium Season: October, March, April, May
- High Season:June, July, August, September
- accommodation
- daily surf lessons (5 days surf lessons on week pack)
- 2 surf lessons per day (90 min morning + 90 min afternoon)
- surf equipment included
- professional and friendly coaching
- free surfing after classes
- 4WD transport to beaches only locals know about
- spoken languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese
Accommodation only
Accommodation Low Season Medium Season High Season
1 Person
One Week 630.00 € 805.00 € 980.00 €
One Night 90.00 € 115.00 € 140.00 €
2 Persons
One Week 315.00 € 405.00 € 490.00 €
One Night 45.00 € 57.50 € 70.00 €
3 Persons
One Week 224.00 € 280.00 € 385.00 €
One Night 32.00 € 40.00 € 55.00 €
4 Persons
One Week 167.00 € 210.00 € 389.00 €
One Night 24.00 € 30.00 € 41.50 €
5 Persons
One Week 154.00 € 196.00 € 259.00 €
One Night 22.00 € 28.00 € 37.00 €
6 Persons
One Week 130.00 € 165.00 € 217.00 €
One Night 18.50 € 23.50 € 31.00 €
- prices per person
- week pack = 7 nights
- Low season: November, December, January, February
- Medium Season: October, March, April, May
- High Season:June, July, August, September
- accommodation only

Surfinn Carrapateira Resort & Surf School offers unique surf experiences to those looking for a more remote part of Algarve and its beautiful country side.

Being very close to some of the best surf spots of the West Coast of Algarve, the surf camp truly embraces the surf spirit along with the concept of slow tourism and travel.

For those looking for free surfing or to learn how to surf in Algarve, the surf resort located in Carrapateira, is one of a kind in the entire region of Algarve as it is just a few minutes from the Amado beach and others close by such as Arrifana.

The surf resort was back in the days a farming village that became isolated and deserted with the years. However, nowadays, a group of around 30 old houses was totally refurbished and offer all the comfort you need during your surfing holidays in Carrapateira, and it's open all year round.

This remote village is situated inside the Costa Vicentina Natural Park, an ecologically protected region and one of the few remaining wild and not crowded coasts in Europe with no mass tourism real estate resorts.

This surf resort in Algarve is considered an ecological village, oriented towards the protection of the environment.

At the surf camp you can enjoy a relaxed lifestyle and the spirit of community among the villagers and other guests; and you will see that every time you visit the grocery shop, the library or the restaurant.

The Surfinn Carrapateira Resort & Surf School offers several types of accommodation, from 1 bedroom cottages with living room, kitchen and bathroom to large 3 bedroom villas with terrace, ensuring that the resort can welcome surfers and guests no matter if they are coming with a large family, on small groups or as a couple.

It is without doubt the ideal surf camp for relaxed surfing holidays in Algarve, especially for those looking to be close to Amado, Cordoama and Carrapateira beaches.

This secret surf village is surrounded not only by amazing surf spots but also by the Carrapateira country side offering many outdoor activities such as cycling, horse riding, sky diving, paragliding, bird watching and yoga. At the surf camp you can also complement your surf trip to Algarve by diving or snorkeling, or even having kite surf lessons making it the perfect combo for unforgettable surf holidays in Carrapateira!

Surfinn Carrapateira Resort & Surf School is located on the remote country side of the Western Algarve surrounded by nature and traditional houses entirely renovated to welcome our guests with all the comfort.

The eco village focuses on providing a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere to its guests and at the same time focusing on sustainability, starting with the preference for local products that were used in the refurbishment of the guest houses, such as wood and sand, but also in the vegetables and fruits available at the grocery shop. Check here more information about our environmental policy.

The Surfinn Carrapateira Resort & Surf School has three types of guest houses fully furnished offering 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms with kitchen, bathroom and living room. All the villas have names of local beaches such as Amado, Tonel, Cordoama or Mareta, among others and were individually decorated by Portuguese designers aiming to keep the traditions of the houses of Algarve.

This diversity of accommodation and facilities ensures an appropriate response to each request; the ideal surf camp and resort in Algarve for friends and couples or family.

You can also enjoy the public areas like the wood oven, barbecue, lounge, natural pool, library and the apple computer centre.

Surfinn Carrapateira Resort & Surf School also recommends every surfer and guest to try the local restaurant offering traditional and Italian cuisine, which is one of the most famous in the region, attracting surfers for many years.

The surf resort facilities are:
- 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms traditional houses
- fully equipped traditional houses
- community facilities such as library, natural pool, restaurant, grocery shop and Apple computer training centre
- eco-village with environmental policy
- 5 minutes from the nearest town
- 5 minutes from the nearest beaches of Amado and Bordeira
- 1h 15min from Faro airport

Surfinn Carrapateira Resort & Surf School is only a few minutes away from the best surf spots of Algarve on the West coast, and up to 30 minutes away from the South coast so you will have many surf breaks around.

In fact, both experienced free surfers and beginners learning how to surf always find in Algarve a surf spot working due to the different exposures of its beaches to the Atlantic Ocean.

There are more than 60 surf spots in Algarve each one working with particular swell direction and wind conditions. The majority of the surf spots are beach breaks and sand bars such as Praia do Amado, Cordoama, Monte Clérigo and Vale Figueiras on the West Coast. Nevertheless, you will also find some point breaks requiring more experienced surfers, such as the north corner of Arrifana beach (also known as Kangaroo), Praia do Barranco and Zavial.

No matter your surf skills, you will have an amazing surf trip to Algarve and Portugal!

One of the most popular beaches and surf spots in Algarve is Amado beach, just a few minutes from Surfinn Carrapateira Resort & Surf School. This beach is one of the best surf spots for having surf lessons in Algarve. This large sandy beach is surrounded by mountains and one of the best surf spots around. The surf school and its certified instructors know exactly the place to go each day to take advantage of each surfing session.

If you're looking for real adventure during your surf trip to Carrapateira, there are daily guided tours to the best spots for the experienced - surfari packages. These packages are recommended for experienced surfers who know what they want and search for local knowledge of the swell, tides, winds and beach breaks willing to lead them directly to their perfect wave. Here you can challenge yourself on the best waves of Algarve!

Algarve's Western coast is one of the best surfing destinations in Portugal for experienced surfers from all around the world and well known for its consistency. The cool surf spirit, specially flowing during the summer months on this remote part of Europe gives you the genuine taste of surfing lifestyle.

If you are worried what type of wetsuit to bring to Algarve, then the most flexible option would be a 3:2 full suit that can hold you down the entire year, however during the summer months (July and September) you may prefer a shorty when the water reaches +22' C. However, you do not need to worry about what surf gear to bring to Algarve because you can rent whatever you need at our surf camp and surf school from wetsuits to surf boards.

Another option that you may find suitable is to visit one of the many surf shops in Lagos and Sagres, and get a good deal on a brand new or second hand surf board and other surf equipment.

Nearest surf spots in Algarve:
Ponta Ruiva

By choosing the Surf School or the Surfari pack you'll have also free daily transport to the Amado beach, where our surf school is based. Come and see for yourself what makes this place the most desirable place for surf holidays in Portugal.

Room Types

1 Person, 2 Persons, 3 Persons, 4 Persons, 5 Persons, 6 Persons

Extra Activities

Big game fishing, Biking, Golf, Boat trips, Fishing, Horse Riding, Kayaking, Paintball, Paragliding, Sailing, Scuba diving, Sky diving, Trekking, Yoga


eco-village, several community facilities, restaurant, grocery store with local home-made products,

Beach Distance

5 mins

Airport Distance

1h 15 mins (Faro)


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