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Surf holidays

Surf holidays

Surf can be the main reason for your travel or it can be a complement to add more fun and excitment.
Either ways, surf travelling is the one of the best ways to discover new countries, cultures, peoples, landscapes, experiences...
The search for the right wave makes you run away from the conventional touristic places and go to special places, sometimes in remote areas with desert beaches. This way you'll definetly meet the genuine people, places and traditions.
There's no atmosphere like a Surfinn Surf Camp! Surf brings together people from all diferent countries in an unmatched cool atmosphere. Here you will feel the real surf spirit. At the end everybody realizes that leaving is always hard and come back every year. Once you try it, it's hard to choose another kind of accommodation in the future.

We absolutely believe that surf is for everybody. No matter how old you are, where you're from or what your surf level is, we offer you the best surfing experience adapted to your priorities. That’s why we‘ve created a set of surf destinations, services, extra activities and different packages suitable to your surf level and travel requests. Either if you’re travelling alone or with your boyfriend/girlfriend, with your family or in a group, tell us what your preferences are and we’ll always make sure that everything is set for you. Our main goal is to provide the best surf experience possible to all our customers.
That's why we’ve chosen the best surf camps suitable to all kinds of requests.
We’ve been traveling the world surfing for years and know exactly what makes the perfect surf holiday. Our wide variety of choices allows you to choose based on your own requirements.

There is a growing number of groups of people from universities, schools, companies, clubs and other associations travelling for this ultimate surf experience! If you’re in one of these groups, contact us and find out our special offers. Come and see the unique surf conditions we have all year round.
Not like winter sports that have snow for 5 months a year, we have waves all year round and great weather too! So if you’re an addicted snowboarder, skier or skater, don’t get bored and Surf’inn to it!

At Surfinn forget the hassle of finding good accommodation in the top surf spots. Our surf camps offer accommodation and lessons among the best and most consistent surf destinations.
We guarantee the best combination for surf, accommodation, prices, nightlife, culture, landscape and atmosphere. Surfinn to it!

Surf holidays. Surfinn - Surf Holidays, Surf Camps, Surf Trips, Surf Schools, Surfari ... Surfinn to it!

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