Before You go on Your Surf Holidays

What should we bring?

Besides all your normal personal belongings, you should bring:
  • remaining amount to pay in the check-in;
  • Passport and other traveling documents (please check if you need any VISA for the destination);
  • sunscreen and lipstick;
  • sunglasses and cap;
  • board shorts;
  • beach towel;
  • waterproof ear plugs if you have "sensitive" ears or hearing problems;
  • swim suit to wear underneath the wetsuit;
  • flip flops or sandals;
  • AC power adapter to charge your electronic devices (if required);

But don´t forget to bring also warm sweater, because you might get cold after surfing or in the evenings. Check out also the right surf equipment to bring. 

Most surf camps and surf schools will have Wi-Fi Internet so you may also bring a laptop or a tablet to keep the connection going, yet this is totally up to you since you will spend most of the time socializing. Most places will also have laundry services so, in case you will be spending more than a week, you don't need to carry a lot of clothes.

Additional equipment

Also depending on your booking and surf requirements you may want to bring additional equipment.
Look carefully all the information before booking.