Travel Insurance & Safety

We know that everyone likes to get a bit more risky now and then.
Because safety is always in 1st place, we recommend including a Travel Insurance with specific coverage for accidents resulting from the practice of adventure sports & activities.
We provide cover for what's really important for travellers from over 150 countries at the most competitive prices online.

During your reservation process you will be able to add one of these insurance packs to your booking:

Travel Insurance

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Premium Travel Insurance

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Safety Rules

Every Service and Destination we provide was developed in order to meet specified criteria for safety. The surf is classified as hazardous sport, sometimes practiced in remote beaches where the weather can be severe, or just because you can't control sea conditions all the time. This risk can be reduced to yourself or to others if you follow these rules:

- Choose your destination wisely according to the surf level of the different elements of the group to travel together. The surf should be accessible and fun for all.

- Arriving at the destination ask for the actual conditions of each break point. Listen carefully to the instructor's information and respect the safety rules and procedures.

- If you're planning to do free-surfing or a surfari, always ask the instructor about the local conditions. We also recommend getting surf travel insurance (available in our web site).

- Respect local surfers.

- Respect priorities.

- Don't surf alone.

- To minimize the risk of getting injured it is very important to do a bit of fitness before starting this type of vacation. Gymnastics of maintenance and a bit of skating or biking should be enough.

- The best way to learn and develop your surfing skills in safety is with proper instructors in recognized surf schools. Don't worry because there are waves, programs and equipment for each surfing level.

- For easy learning and higher safely is essential to use appropriate equipment to practice surf.

- If you are a beginner, don't get in the water in a crowded area. It can be dangerous for you and other surfers.

- If you are going to paddle for a wave and see someone in front of you, and you still don't have enough confidence, don't risk it! You could fall and hurt that person very badly with your surfboard.

- Never drop in on someone's wave.

- Always look to your left and right while paddling, to make sure that no one is on the wave before you and wait for your turn.

- Never paddle for position through the inside. Always through the outside!

- Respect the environment. Keep the beach clean!

- Don't drink Alcohol before going in the water.

- Comfort Zone - Surfing is about having fun, so don't expose yourself to hardcore surf conditions, unless you want to compete seriously (if you do then send us your pictures and videos after!!!)

- You don't need to write these down! Just listen to the guides or surf teacher at your Surfinn Surf Camp and they will explain you how surf works in the area.