Travelling with Surfinn

We always make sure that the selected destinations meet the high quality standards. This way, we know exactly what we are selling and guarantee clean accommodation, good surf courses, good food and good surf conditions.
Our goal is also to simplify a surf camp online reservation, and certify that you'll get everything organized since the moment of your arrival, without any problems like transportation to the beaches, transfers, surfboard transportation, renting surf equipment, language problems, etc.
By booking through Surfinn, we will recommend you the best surf camp that suits what you are looking for. We can describe it and tell you the good and bad things of each one. But if you contact the surf camp directly, they will obviously tell you that their place is the best. We want to advise you always with a neutral and honest opinion, so that you will travel again soon with Surfinn.
No, we do not charge any booking or handling fees.
All the content listed under the price list where it says “INCLUDED”. No more, no less! This information will also be in your confirmation email and on “My Booking” page online in our website. Please note that all destinations have different prices and different content.
Surf courses normally start on Monday but they can start on any day of the week, depending on your arrival. Surf lessons are always adapted to your ability and experience, so make sure you refer your surf level when booking.
It depends on the destinations. Most of the surf camps only have classes during weekdays and some 6 days of the week. Most of the camps will give you lessons two times a day during your stay (morning and afternoon). You can find the specific details about what days the surf classes are held under the information on each destination.
Surf lessons are always adapted to your surf level and progression. Our surf instructors will take you to the most appropriate spot for your surf level.
Expert level: When you've mastered all the techniques (barrels, aerials, deep carving, …), surfing is no mystery for you. Then you’re an expert! When you go surfing no matter the swell size and reef bottom is your playground, then you’re an expert! Please do not confuse Expert with crazy…
Intermediate level: You know you’re an intermediate surfer when you can surf at least 10 waves without falling! Not kidding… If you’re already surfing some green waves easily or trying your first maneuvers and barrels, then you’re an intermediate surfer.
Beginner level: If you’re none of those previous levels, then you’re a beginner! Most of beginners judge themselves as intermediates…but please beware: Safety first! There’s a lot more to learn besides standing up on the board a couple of times. Deep duck dive, mastering the turns and applying all the theory takes time. The right tuition helps you to reach the next level faster!
Surf lessons are always adapted to your surf level and progression.
There are many packs offered on each destination. You can choose the one that better matches your travel and surfing requests. The most common ones are the Surf Camp pack and the Surfari pack. The Surf Camp pack is recommended for beginners and intermediate surfers. The Surfari pack can be fully enjoyed if you already have a reasonable surf level (if you’re already surfing the green waves or trying your first maneuvers and barrels, then you’re ready for it!)
Click here for more info.
Yes, but it depends on the destination. Ask us if possible or check the Surf Schools page. Although, you can always add surf lessons to your pack. As many as you wish!
Yes, but it depends on the destination. Ask us if possible. Although, you can always add surf equipment to your pack.
All instructors are accredited by local Surf Federations and have life guard license. This way, all of our partners are highly professional and our staff is composed by experienced surfers and instructors with great knowledge of their local grounds.
We have guests of all ages between 6 and 60!
No, all prices on this website are the same as when you deal directly with the surf camp. Sometimes even lower! If not, please let us know and we'll do something about it.
Booking your holidays with a good agency is much cheaper and reduces the risk of negative experiences because we've already visited and selected the best accommodations so that you don't have to go through it.
Also the best local surf guides at the surf camps will advise you where to go surf and when, what tides, what winds, where to go in and out of the water, so that you don't waste your precious time!
You can see the location on the map we have on each destination webpage.
After reservation you will receive an automatic email with reservation confirmation and also the exact address, contacts, map, GPS coordinates and all useful information about how to get to the surf camp. No worries on that!
You can also check all that information on “My Booking”.
Anyway, we will be happy to help you with any questions you might have regarding any of the destinations.

Each destination has its own check-in and check-out hours. You can see more detailed information inside each destination’s webpage. If not mentioned, you can consider the normal working hours from 9:00 till 20:00. IMPORTANT: If you’re arriving after the normal working hours, please make sure you send us an email a few days in advance with your arrival details.
All prices shown are per person, unless otherwise stated in the room type and description.
A Double Room has one double bed and a Twin Room has 2 single beds.
It’s impossible to guess, especially on long term forecasts… But if you want to have an idea, you can click on the “Best Season to Surf in…” on each country webpage, on the right hand column. If you want some more detailed information about short term weather forecast we recommend websites like http://magicseaweed.com or http://www.windguru.com
Our surf instructors will take you to the most appropriate spot for your surf level. There’s always a sheltered spot around with smaller waves. No worries on that, safety first! Only in case of big storms or completely flat conditions we will arrange some activity to do!
Under the Price List you can see a list of all the facilities, activities and services.

Booking With Surfinn

We receive many Solo travelers, normally staying in shared rooms. Single requests can book a Single room (if displayed on the selected destination) OR are required to pay double-rates (can book a Double or Twin room and pay as if 2 persons booking).

The only way to check availability is by sending a Reservation Request.
A Reservation Request will be sent and you'll receive a fast answer telling if there is availability for your Request. Your Credit Card will NOT be charged nor any fees of whatsoever.
A Reservation Deposit will only be charged later on in case you wish to proceed with your Reservation.
Making a reservation is simple, just follow the instructions given in the form. Notice that every field has to be completed to be able to continue. For more info check How to Book
Sure! You can do it by clicking on the "CHECK AVAILABILITY & BOOK" button. Here you can fill in the booking form with all info needed to get information about both availability and prices. As long as you don't click on the last “Send Booking Request” button, no booking request will be sent to the camp.
Yes. To confirm your reservation you only need to pay a reservation caution. We accept many methods of payment. We can only hold the place for you after receiving the reservation caution.
Yes, always. To confirm your reservation you only need to pay a reservation caution. We accept many methods of payment. We can only hold the place for you after receiving the reservation caution.
This amount depends on the destination but normally around 20% of the total amount. The remaining amount shall be paid at the destination.
In some destinations or in big groups, a full payment may be asked. 
It depends. Some destinations have facilities for you to pay the remaining amount with credit cards. Most of them however do not have this equipment, so to be sure, we always advise our customers to withdraw some cash at the airport's ATM. Payments should be done on local currency.
Normally not! It depends on the destination.
A reservation caution is required to confirm the reservation and the remaining amount shall be paid at the destination.
Most of the packs already include surf lessons and equipment but you’re always free to add extra lessons or rentals to your own pack. B&B, Self-Catering and similar packs normally don’t have any of these items at all, so you can add as many lessons or rentals as you wish.
All extra activities shall be booked directly at the surf camp. We will help you out with that once you arrive. Scheduling and payment normally on arrival upon availability. Extra activities may need to be booked in advance in case of big groups.
Yes. Almost all destinations offer that service! Some have it already included on the pack for Free and others may charge an extra. If you need a transfer we recommend you to book it along  the reservation process.
Yes. You can add travel insurance adapted to your needs on your travel pack. You just need to select it on the booking form! We recommend including insurance with specific coverage for adventure sports and more.
We know that everyone likes to get a bit more risky now and then… Safety is always in 1st place!
No. We don’t deal with flights. Although you can check some information about the connections to a certain destination on the “Flying to…” on each country webpage, on the right hand column.
As late as you wish. Just remember that we can only hold the place for you after the reservation is confirmed. Also it’s always better for you and the surf camps to have the possibility of planning everything in advance properly.
You may cancel your booking up to 15 days before arrival and get 50% of your deposit back or accumulate it on your Surfinn account to use in a future reservation. If you cancel your booking less than 15 days in advance or in the event of a no-show you can not claim your deposit back.
To cancel your booking, send us an e-mail to booking@surfinn.pt saying you'd like to cancel the booking. Please don't forget to mention your Booking ID !
Yes, you can change up until 15 days before your arrival and get 50% of your old deposit credited on your new deposit.
To change your booking, first check if there is room for you at the new destination you want to change to. After checking, send us an e-mail to booking@surfinn.pt saying you'd like to change the booking. Please don't forget to mention your booking ID!
Refunds are sent through the same payment method you used. All bank fees or services charged that we are oblivious to the completion of the refund will be deducted from the refund amount.
Your Booking ID allows you to login to “My Booking” in our website at any time and view all the details about your reservation.
Yes you can! Each person can book a different surf pack adapted to his/her needs. It’s easy:
Start by selecting the same pack for everybody and you can change it afterwards on Step 3.
During the booking process you can enter any special requests into the Special Requests box. Once you have received your booking confirmation you can follow-up with the surf camp or hotel directly to confirm that your request can be met.
We recommend everyone to check if the destination is available during the dates you're interested in before you make travel appointments. Note that availability might change on a daily basis, or even hourly basis during peak season.
As soon as you have completed the booking process and paid the reservation caution. You will then receive an automatic email with the reservation confirmation, the Booking ID and Password and all the detailed information about your booking and how to get to the surf camp (Address, GPS coordinates, a Map, directions, and useful transport information).
You can also access all this info online on “My Booking” page online in our website.
Yes. One of our main concerns is to provide the easiest and most secure booking system within all the surf travel agencies. We work with a reliable partner certified by all the large credit card companies to ensure security and confidentiality for online payments.
No, we (Surfinn) do not keep any credit card numbers or any such information.
The credit card information is only passed on through digital encryption directly to the clearinghouse (the Bank).
We keep your personal information in our database for customer relationship management only! We guarantee that no information will be passed on to any third party, nor will we use the information you have stated in any way that you haven't agreed to.

Joining Surfinn

We're always searching for new partners around the world that could help us to step into new markets.
Also if you think that both our companies could benefit in any sort of association, please let us know! 
YES, you can register your Surf Camp, School, Rentals, Boat, Hotel, House... or any other services related with surfing for Free!
To create your Listing you just need to introduce all the requested information, prices and upload photos of your property and services.

Please visit My Business page to know how to do it.