Best Surf Spots in Azores

The Azores are located right in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. This means that it gets swell from all directions, even in less constancy summer months! The 360 degree swell exposure allows almost any wind and swell combination. How perfect could it be?
This is what brings the ASP Prime Event Azores Pro every year to Sao Miguel Island.
Despite receiving this major surfing event every year, this archipelago still remains surprisingly crowd free.
The fact of being quite remote islands between Europe and America have kept its secrecy and wilderness. Most of the best surf spots in Azores still remain secret and very hard to reach since some of them are located some hundreds meters down the cliff in places locally called Fajã. Almost all surf spots on Azores are powerful reef breaks and point breaks.
Although, some good quality beach breaks ideal for surf learning can be found as well.
Come and see for yourself! Just “google” some pictures and you’ll immediately feel like want to come to the Azores the next minute!

Best Surf spots:

Ribeira Grande
Faja de Cristo
Faja dos Cubres
Rabo de Peixe