Best Season to Surf in Namibia

When to travel to Namibia?

Most tourists prefer to travel to Namibia between May to October, during the “rainy season” however it does not rain a lot.

You should expect some warm weather during the day and cold nights. There is very little rainfall with most precipitation coming in the form of fog, especially in the morning, 340 days per year.

The season with the best swell is also between April and October when cold fronts hit South Africa and send swell up the west coast all the way to Namibia. The consistent swell up to 10 ft (3m) from the southwest hit Namibia’s coast that is scattered with reef, beach and point breaks and that makes it a perfect country to go search for African waves.

Some of the waves can work with smaller swells but the famous Skeleton Bay requires very large one.

Nevertheless, most waves will work on a daily basis. The biggest problem sometimes is the wind as most surf spots are highly sensitive, hence travelling to Namibia requires patience. As everywhere else, early morning is often the best time to surf in Namibia, before the southerly winds wake up and turn onshore.  

Remember to bring full wetsuits. We’d recommend a 3.2 mm and a 4.2 mm just in case the water is that cold. The water temperature is better between Dec-April, so the surf season is usually when the water is colder.