About Surf'inn


Our main goal is to provide the best surf experience possible to all our customers. No matter how old you are, where you're from or what your surf level is, we offer you the best surfing experience adapted to your priorities. This way, we've chosen the best surf camps suitable to all kinds of requests.

That's why we've created Surfinn, a surf camps network intended to promote and provide several destination packages, services, extra activities as well as a simple and safe booking system in order for you to relax and enjoy the surf experience.

We absolutely believe that surf is for everybody. So, we want to extend this sport to a wider audience and people of all ages. Come and see the unique surf conditions we have all year round. Once you try it, you'll return every year. Join your family and friends and Surfinn to it!


We've created a set of surf destinations, services, extra activities and different packages suitable to your surf level and travel requests. Tell us what you need and what your preferences are and we'll always make sure that everything is prepared.

Someone will be at the airport waiting for you, no matter of what time you arrive and forget any problems like transfer to the surf camps or beaches, surfboard transportation, renting of surf material, language problems, etc.

Either if you're planning to surf all day long or if you're willing to experience other activities, attend to some event or take a sight-seeing tour, give us a call or write down your preferences in the booking form. Feel free to have a short break on your surf lessons and take biking tour, a sky dive, a horse ride or a yoga session. You name it... Check out all the content we have available in our site and build your tailor made package.


We absolutely believe that surf is for everybody. So, we want to extend this sport to a wider audience and people of all ages. Surf is no longer a sport only for young and radical people.

There is a growing number of groups of people from universities, schools, companies, clubs and other associations traveling to Portugal for this ultimate surf experience! If you're in one of these groups, contact us and find out our special offers. Come and see the unique surf conditions we have all year round. Believe us, once you try it, you'll return every year.

Not like winter sports that have snow for 5 months a year, we have waves all year round and great weather too! So if you're an addicted snowboarder, skier or skater, don't get bored and Surfinn to it!

Our Partners

Since we've decided to work only with the best, all our partners are highly experienced and will surely take great care of you during your stay. All instructors are accredited by Local Surf Federations and have life guard license. This way, all the staff are skilled surfers with great know how of their local grounds. Also all the agreements we have with local tour operators, rent-a-car companies and other services guarantee you a quality service and the lowest prices of the market. If not, give us a call and we'll do something about it!

We are aware that a good experience is the best publicity we can have. Each customer will tell some other 10 or 15 people about his/her positive or negative experience at Surfinn. That's why your satisfaction is our biggest concern! Effectiveness, attentiveness and sympathy, remain the most powerful weapons of a travel agent to achieve the confidence of a client. We want every customer to conceive that surfing is with Surfinn.

...and why not to become our partner? Check out on the Recruitment page.

Why book at Surfinn

Our rates are the cheapest on the market! Check out wherever you want and you'll find out.

We always make sure that the selected destinations meet the high quality required by our standards. This way, we know exactly what we are selling and we visit each destination regularly to guarantee clean accommodation, good surf courses, good food and good surf conditions. We provide safe and simpler booking methods for surf camp reservation online, and certify that you'll get everything organized since the moment of your arrival.

By booking through Surfinn, we will recommend you the best surf camp that suits what you are looking for. We can describe it and tell you the good and bad things of each one. But if you contact the surf camp directly, they will obviously tell you that their place is the best. We want to advise you always with a neutral and honest opinion, so that you will travel again soon with Surfinn.